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Updated October 2023

UK Top 10
Used Panty Sites

Welcome to our list of the top 10 Specialist Used Panty sites in the UK.

An independent list of the best sites to buy and sell pre-loved underwear.


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TuPuk 2022.jpg

Widely regarded as Britain's No.1, the UK based TuPuk store is stylish, clear & easy to navigate. With a wide range of worn/pre-oved garments that cater exclusively for the used underwear lover. Their philosophy is based on pleasure, simplicity, transparency and anonymity.

Rather than being a portal that connects sellers with buyers directly, they manage the liaison between customer and girls supplying, allowing the highest level of quality, discretion and customer satisfaction. They also offer Premium Membership, for loyal/repeat customers and a money saving monthly subscription service and Free UK Delivery.

Their product range is great from beginner to experienced collector or seasoned fetish buyer. With special/premium items available on request. Extremely good value for money, an excellent choice of delivery options and first class customer service, with an impressive 89% 5 Star customer rating.


Also highly recommended for sellers who want to remain 100% anonymous. With no membership charges, low commission fees and a simple application process it's a great site to earn extra income. Although selling places can be difficult to secure as selling spots are aways in high demand.


So they get the top spot in our poll!

Highly recommended! 5 star.



Also voted No.1 Customer Satisfaction site by iTrustreview

89% 5 Star rating

Tasty slips.png

A new site to our list Founded in Germany, in 2018 with a concept that is based on being able to pursue your kink safely.

They have created a platform where buyers and fragrance designers can feel comfortable - and their aim revolutionise the market through buyer protection and bring a little more eroticism into the world!

There is no membership fee for buyers. Claiming to have thousands of ladies sellers and as an international platform offer global reach and choice. The site is easy to navigate and there certainly seems to be a great range on offer to the casual buyer or used panty expert.

Recommended! 4.5 star.




10% discount at TuPuk use code  Uniq10XX


Kinkie is another great UK site.

Unlike TuPuk they allow you to connect with the buyers directly, which appeals to some users especially experienced buyers.


The product range is huge, items, videos and experiences, entirely based on what the individual sellers have/are willing to offer. This is a doubled edged sword as you can get a bit lost and baffled by the choice on offer unless you know what you are looking for.

For the experienced user!


Recommended! 4.5 star.



Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 15.49.36.png

All Things Worn is global marketplace platform fulfilling niche and fetish demands.


Like TuPuk it is a simple & straight forward shopfront focussed on products rather than direct contact. Clearly laid out with good choice of products for the more experienced buyer.


Excellent customer ratings of 4.5 out of 5.


Good value for money.

Great Site design.


Recommended! 4 star.




SofiaGray claim to be the largest and safest marketplace for the buying and selling of used underwear.

Again it's a portal setup connecting buyers with sellers directly.

The 'Rolls Royce' treatment however,

does mean the costs can be quite high, so again do shop around.


Before you can buy you do need to signup which may deter some customers


Can be pricey.


Recommended! 4 star.



top 10 personalised poster sites.jpg

Pantydeal another portal style site has some interesting features such as a member count on the start page. Indicating knowing how many ladies are willing and ready to sell their used panties to you, you know that many people trust the website.


They have an excellent rating system so you can rate your favourite sellers. You can also search the site by high-rating sellers and buy from them.


Prices are quite variable.


Recommended! 4 star.



top 10 personalised poster sites.jpg

Erotic dreams or EDUK is a UK based website and social media platform, independently run by Patrick and his his wife, started in 2018 aiming to build to build a unisex fetish website overcoming the issues of other platforms having expensive monthly subscriptions and not being very friendly for both the buyer and seller. A new site on our radar, with a free and premium (pay per month £2) option, very well designed interface (and informative and useful blog) good reviews for both buying and selling.


Certainly one to watch and should go higher!


Recommended! 4 star.



Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 16.04.32.png

Pantielove is a classified ad style selling portal that claims to have 14500 registered users. It appears to be great marketplace for both buyers and sellers alike.

It is completely free to create a profile and post an ad! There are NO membership fees or any other charges. You don't need a credit card or even to tell us your real name. Create your ad and wait for buyers to contact you. Safe and easy!

Worth a try! 3.5 star.




My used panty store or MUPS for short is yet another portal setup and feels rather at arms length to the customer.

Its site is plain and functional and feels a little out of date


Really not much to add here


Not Sure 3.5 star.



Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 16.00.04.png feels like one of the big boys with a very slick site. Yet another portal, which seems to be the model of choice for most of the sites selling used underwear.

It has free registration, but a rather complicated and not user friendly interface, which made the whole experience rather transactional and distant.

It also offers live chat which suggests that there is more on offer than first meets the eye.


Feels trustworthy though!


3.5 star.



10. Sniffr

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 16.01.46.png

Sniffr, has a great name, summing up the basis of the fetish that the industry is based on.

It forces a signup even to begin browsing which makes it quite unapproachable!


A little uninspiring! 2 star.

Not much more to say here!



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